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Wonbin Central

(A Home for Wonbin Fans)

Fans of Wonbin
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Welcome to Wonbin Central, a Livejournal community dedicated to Wonbin news, Wonbin multimedia, Wonbin worship, Wonbin cuteness, Wonbin fan-babbling, slobbering over Wonbin... need I say more? :D

Here are a few rules/things about the community:

1. This community needs YOU! Although I am a huge Wonbin fan, I work and go to school, and I do not have the time to follow his every move in the media or the money to buy every magazine, DVD, or soundtrack with his face on it (though it would be great if I could! XD). However, if all of us each contribute a little bit here and there to the community, we'll have TONS of news and files and info about our favorite Korean actor to share! So yeah, if you have some cool Wonbin news, post it! Got some cool image files you want to share? Post them! Wanna start a Wonbin poll? Do it! ^_^

1a. Pictures, sound files, and video clips of Wonbin are ALWAYS welcome! If you have more than one picture to share or if it's one really big picture, you MUST use an LJ-cut. For links to sound files and video clips, it would be really nice if you could at least provide the context for each file and the filesize, but if you're not sure about all that it's not required. ^^

2. When you join the community, it would be really great if you introduced yourself, talked about your interests, why you like Wonbin, what your favorite Wonbin movies are, et cetera. It's not required though! ^_^

3. Constructive criticism and disagreements aren't a problem at this community, but personal attacks and arguments are. If you don't understand the difference, you may not want to join this community, 'cause eventually you will be banned for inflammatory behavior. ^^;;; In the same vein, racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, and other prejudicial talk will not be tolerated.

4. While it's understandable that in a discussion people might meander and digress into non-Wonbin topics such as other Korean celebrities, Korean food, or other things that have little to do with Wonbin, please try to keep this kind of talk to a minimum. Also, please understand that this is not a community for rants about one's personal life. I have seen many posts on various communities where people have been posting things like, "I just had a really bad day," instead of things that are on-topic, and I would like to avoid that on this Wonbin community.

5. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Enjoy this Wonbin community! :D

- James